Standard Hours 8/27 - 8/31

We are closed from 8/27 through 8/31.

Twisted Taco is located on the first floor of Donaghey Hall. Twisted Taco is a Tex-Mex restaurant serving made to order California style burritos, nachos, homemade salsas, and our famous “Twisted Tacos”. Twisted Taco uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to fuse new American and bold Mexican flavors into a unique “twist” on Mexican cuisine.

Salsa/ Queso/ Guac Traditional Queso (GF) Hot Melted Queso with or without jalapenos 820 - Cal Twisted Queso (GF) grilled chicken or steak with hot melted queso and pico de gallo 1140 cal- Fresh Guacamole (GF) mashed avocados, cilantro, jalapenos, fresh lime juice 280 cal, chips & salsa (gf) 450 cal- Extras and A La Carte- Black beans 50 cal, rice 200 cal - sour cream 110 cal - guacamole 70 cal- queso 180 cal - churro - bag of chips- salsa verde 20 cal - pico de gallo 20 cal- house salsa 15 calFamous twisted tacos- taco combo $7.29 any two tacos with rice and beans or chips and salsa or chips and queso - taco meal $8.29 taco combo with fountain drink- all tacos can be made vegetarian with our seasoned tofu - beef- carne asada, grilled steak, red onions, salsa verde and cilantro- the argentinian, grilled streak tomatos red onions cilantro and our signature chimchurri sauce- the hills beef, traditional taco loaded with our original seased ground beef, hot melted queso lettuce and homemade salsa, served in your choice of hard or soft shell - chicken- buffalo bill crispy fried chicken tossed in wing sauce with letture tomatoes and your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing - sierra madre crispy fried or grilled chicken shredded cheese lettuce homemade slasa jalapeno mayonaise - the hills chicken traditional taco loaded with grilled checken hot melted queso lettuce homemade salsa your choice of a hard or soft shell - tombstone chicken grilled chicken homemadepico de gallo spicy chipotle ranch dressing - seafood- boom boom crispy fried shrimp tossed in our spicy boom boom sauce lettuce tomateos- buffalo shrimp crispy fried shrimp tossed in our mild buffalo sauce with letture and tomatoes your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing - veggie- fried avocado fresh fried avocado shredded cheese lettuce homemade salsa jalapeno mayonaiseTwisted Tex Mex - burrito/bown (GF) choice of flour tortilla or bowl, rice black beans cheese lettuce pico de gallo and sour cream add jalapenos cilantro salsa at no charge: vegetarian, grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, grilled steak, tofu- twisted nachos( (GF) tortilla chips topped with hot melted queso salsa sour cream pice de gallo shredded lettuce and jalapenos add black beans at no charge: vegetarian, grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, grilled steak - el pancho quesadilla premium monterey jack cheese add pico de gallo red onions jalapeno sour cream at no charge: vegetarian, grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, grilled steak, tofu- taco salad black beans pico de gallo homemade salsa sour cream shredded cheese in an edible taco shell choice of dressing ranch chipotle ranch or bleu cheese add guacamole: vegetarian, grilled chicken, seasoned ground beef, grilled steak - Get it twisted: any item topped with our hot melted queso cilantro & salsa for .99!

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